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Dragon Boat Festival


   Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated on fifth day of the fifth mon-th according to the Chinese lunar calendar. It is an ancient festiv-al with a history of over 2000 years. There are many different v-ersions regarding the origin of Dragon Boat Festival, but the most widely accepted one is commemorating the death of the patriot-ic poet Qu Yuan, who commited sucicide by drowning himself in a river.


It is said that his death made a lot of people extremly sorrow-ful. Some rowed a boat to look for his body, while some threw f-ood such as rice and eggs to the river to feed fish and shrimps in casa of Qu’s body being bitten by them. Thus the custom of dragon-boat race and eating Zongzi has come into exitence.

In addition, there ane many other celebrations in different plac-es.


Guangdong Province, the Dragon Boat Festival Cong-hua County noon to burning eyes and wash hands after the spill on th-e Road, known as the "send a disaster."  Dragon Boat Festival, people cl-ose to the temple from its advocacy of statues greet tour guide. Wizards and water law, who posted at the expulsion of evil magic. Dragon Boa-t Festival, children's kite-flying, known as the "release calamity".

Jiangxi Jianchang House prudence afternoon Baicao water bath to p-revent scabies, XinChang to realgar, cinnabar drink of the wine, called "eyes".