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1.Natural Mandarin Training not only offers you a ticket to the new world of being a Mandarin speaker, but also a ticket to exclusive cultural events organized by Natural Mandarin for our students. From KTV nights to Tea tastings,and evenNature trips Natural Mandarin offers its students a total Mandarinexperience, which allows you to both learn the language and feel the Chinese culture

2.Natural Mandarin Training has partnered with some of the finest and most exclusive establishments in Shenzhen; from restaurants, to wine bars and spas your status as a Natural Mandarin student opens gets you V.I.P treatment and discounts at these establishments and more as you enjoy your new Mandarin skills.

3. A free 30 minute demo class will allow YOU to see how fun and easy learning Mandarin the Natural way can be, and US to determine your Mandarin level and design the best course of study to fit your needs.

4.Natural Mandarin is located 5 minutes from the subway in the heart of Nanshan and offers classes from early morning to late at night to fit your schedule. We can also come to your home and office for a private tutorial if desired.

5. Each student has an Education Manager who over-sees their progress and makes sure they are satisfied with their educational experience.

6. Natural Mandarin language Train is exited to offer you our new and very modern skype mandarin training course, you will get the same intimate natural one-on-one training we are famous for_over skype. Take a break from your busy day and develop the mandarin language skills of your dreams,as if you were in China, from anywhere in the world,with Natural Mandarin Skype lessons.