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Training Courses培训课程

Mandarin Courses汉语课程
HSK Course

HSK Courses open for students who want to pass HSK test. HSK, is abbreviation of “hanyu shuiping kaoshi(literally meaning is Chinese Proficiency Test) ”. It is used to test the non-native Chinese people, including foreigners, overseas Chinese and Chinese

Chinese Book Camp

Chinese Book Camp is suitable for foreign students who want to study Chinese in China. The content based on specified book materials, including oral Chinese, Chinese listening comprehension, reading Chinese, 1500 basic words and 300 sentence patterns. The

Kids’ Course

According to characteristics of children's language acquisition, our Kids’ Courses aim at students under the age of 15. The content is based on daily life scenes, games & entertainment activities so that it can arouse their interest in learning Chinese.

Business Course

Business Course opened up is for foreign businessmen who have long term working relationship with the Chinese. Course content, can be set according to students' individual and class time or the way to study is very flexible. The course was also divided in

Daily Course

Daily Course means that Chinese use daily, the course was divided in two level——primary and secondary. The primary course aimed at the students who never come into contact with China, Course content mainly dominated by Chinese pronunciation, Chinese chara

Cultural Courses文化课程

Paper-cut, also called paper cutting, is one of the oldest folk art of the Han nationality in China. Its production and spread have associated with the festival customs of rural China. People put the beautiful colorful paper-cutting on the wall, window, d

Tea Culture

Tea Culture, one kind of life etiquette, is also a kind of life style. By this activity, it shows tea etiquette, personal character, artistic conception, aesthetic idea and spirit. Tea Culture is the combination of tea and spirit, and we can feel the thou


Different from Kung Fu, Er Hu and Gu Zheng are elegant art. However these two string instruments have different characteristics.Er Hu, is a musical instruments of the Han nationality .We can feel history in its deep bitter voice. As times go on, genre of

Kung fu

Kung Fu, is also called martial arts, different from boxing. It is not a simple fist movement, too. Kung Fu is the crystallization of the wise Chinese nation, is a reflection of the Han nationality traditional culture. It shows the unique spirit culture i


"bi mo zhi yan (literally meaning is brush,ink, paper, inkstone)" is an indispensable tool in the Chinese ancient scholars, people call that "four treasures", and the ink painting is a traditional art that make full use of "four treasures". Chinese Painti


Calligraphy is a Chinese traditional line art, if you want to write calligraphy well, do not imitate only, you have to learn how to hold the brush and write. If you want to mold yourself, learning to write calligraphy is a good choice. People who learn t

Other language Courses其他课程
Additional Services综合服务
Life Information

In addition to learning problems, we will be published some life information on our website or public Wechat regularly

Online Courses

To reduce some barriers of learning Chinese, we will upload some courses to web pages on a regular time, our students can review some courses on it.

Company training

Our business also includes many enterprises training, if you want to organize a training activities, you can believe us!


For some personal reasons, some students want to study at home. In order to meet his or her requirements, our center will send professional teacher to teach you.

Translation Service

Some students who don't understand Chinese come to China for the first time, it is hard to communicate with natives. If necessary, our center will do translation service for you.