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Learn Mandarin the way nature intended

learn Mandarin the way nature intended

Natural Mandarin Training Center___Learn Mandarin the way nature intended.

        Natural Mandarin training center is like a deep breath of fresh Chinese mountain air in the congested world of Shenzhen Mandarin language training schools. Here you will learn Mandarin the way nature intended.

        Natural Mandarin training is a boutique educational academy, not a sales machine masquerading as a language school, where natural learning and student satisfaction come above all else. All Natural Mandarin teachers are not only native Mandarin speakers, but have four-year university degrees with a major in teaching Mandarin as a second language. They know the Mandarin Chinese like a fish knows water and how to impart it with the same ease that a fish swims or a bird flies.

Language and culture are always intertwined. It is impossible to ever really know a culture and its people without knowing their language. Culture flows through language like water flows over our bodies, then disappears as vapor into the air. Definitions of what a culture is always fall flat when compared to knowing a culture in it's living ephemeral form and that is only possible when we fully immerse ouselves in the language of a culture. So, you see, knowing a language is not just a key to communicating with others in another land, but to touching their soul and allowing them to touch yours.

Business, daily life and short-term course Mandarin Chinese are the core of Natural Mandarin’s course offering but special classes in Cantonese, English and Japanese are also offered. All classes are offered either for a group or one-on-one learning, and always offered to fit our students’ busy schedule.In addition to language classes we also offer cultural exchange classes in Yoga, Erhu, Kung-Fu, Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese painting, all taught in the natural way  …