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Our Teachers师资力量

  • MAYA


    Maya graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies with a degree in Chinese language and Literature. She edited the teaching material for a Chinese course offered by the school. She was also a professor at the Chinese language course involving th

  • CiICI


    CICI graduated from Hunan university. Certified CET-6 in English, simple conversational French, studied: psychology ,sociology and Chinese modern history . She is especially good at business Chinese, Her teaching method is flexible and She is a patient te

  • COCO


    She is a lovely teacher. As most of you know, she likes Chinese very much. Since she was a little girl, she was always reciting famous poems, practicing handwriting and playing roles in Chinese famous works. What causes us to stay up until the wee hours

  • Yuxin


    Having got rich experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language from teaching students came from South Korea, Japan, Russia, France and other countries in classes, and she was praised high by the international students

  • Mary


    Mary graduated from Jilin University with a major in Korean. In addition to her native Chinese she is certified TOPIK 5 in Korean and CET4 in English. She has spent 12 months in Korea to teach Chinese and made many Korean friends

  • Zhai Lei


    Zhai Lei has a Master’s degree in Business from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK . He has taught both Mandarin Chinese and IELTS English to business professionals and Chinese students desiring to study overseas. He is a friendly and helpful teac

  • Yolanda


    Yolanda graduated from Shenzhen Normal University with a degree in Chinese language and Literature. She is a friendly and patient teacher who has taught Chinese as a second language and Korean as a second language to many students young and old



    XIA XUAN is a good teacher with excellent teaching skills, good at mobilizing the classroom atmosphere. She is a bright and cheerful teacher, working hardly, and loving being a teacher. Her teaching experience is rich.