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Activity----Miss loved ones more on the festival time



The Mid-Autumn festival  come, homesickness are heavier than usual. Whoever study or work in China, foreigners still have such homesickness. One day, Natural Mandarin Training Center held a Mid-Autumn festival activity for the students who stay in China; students took part in this party can experience Chinese traditional festival, the Mid-Autumn festival, and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

In China, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also called the Reunion Day; the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is the Mid-autumn Festival, at that time, you will see a full, bright moon over your head. And it happens on half of autumn, so people call it the “Mid-Autumn” festival. There are many statements about the origin of the Mid-Autumn festival, for example, some experts believe that it originated from the ancient imperial worship; and some thought its origin is related to agricultural production. However, according to the legend, the Mid-Autumn festival is in honor of the goddess of the moon, Chang E. At the ancient times, the sky appeared ten SUNS at the same time, the ground of the crops were dying, people were hard to live. Later, a hero named Hou Yi appeared. He’s very strong, feel sympathy to suffering people. He drew the God Arch, and shot down nine SUNS. From then on, there is only one sun in the sky. And Hou Yi stayed in the world, imparting knowledge to human beings. Besides the imparting times, he stayed with his wife together all day long. His wife named Chang E is a beautiful and kind female. One day, Hou Yi got a pack of undead medicine from the Queen Mother. It is said that when you take this medicine, you can ascend to heaven and become an immortal. Hou Yi, however, never wanted to leave his beloved wife, handed the elixir to Chang E, told her to keep it. Three days later, when Hou Yi go out hunting with the villagers, sneaky Peng Meng pretended sick, did not go out but sneak to his house with sword, force Chang E surrender the elixir. Chang E knew she has no power to fight with Peng Meng, so she opened the valuable chest, ate the elixir immediately. After swallowing, her body immediately floated off the ground, rushed out of the window, and then flew to the sky. Due to her beloved husband, she chose to stay on the moon which is close to the earth became a fairy.

In the evening, when Hou Yi returned home, the maids sob what happened during the day. Hou Yi was very surprised and angry, smoked a sword wanting to kill evil, but Peng Meng had fled away. Hou yi was so sad, looking at the night sky, calling Chang E. At this time, he found, the moon was extraordinarily bright that day, he thought the moon has a shadow like Chang E shaking on the moon. Then he sent maids to furnish a table in the back garden, and put some sweetmeats, fresh fruit and Chang E’s favorite food on the table, worshiped her. People heard that news put some tables with fruits under the month to kind Chang E. They hoped she can bring peace and prosperity in the coming year. From then on, the custom of the Mid-Autumn festival moon-worship spread in the folk.

There is also such a story about the moon cake. People believed that the custom of eating moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn festival began in the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, the people can not stand the cruel central ruling class, grew up many intifada to against Yuan. Zhu Yuanzhang was one of the uprising forces. He wanted to joint many powerful troops, but it’s very difficult to impart information under the search. Strategist Liu Bowen has come up with a scheme, with the slogan "August 15 night uprising" note hidden in the pancake, and then sent separately and secretly to the rebel armies around, informing them in response to the uprising of August 15 night. On the day of the uprising, each rebel forces in response to it. Soon, Yuan Dadu (the Great Capital of the Yuan Dynasty) was captured by Xu Da. Zhu Yuanzhang hurriedly happily make announcement that, in the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, all the soldiers can make fun with the people, and pancake  which was used to sending secret messages called "moon cakes". It was also used to as seasonal cakes to reward the ministers. Since then, the custom of eating moon cakes during the Mid-Autumn festival in the folk spread.

Now the moon cake is done more and more sophisticated, also more variety then before. Sitting together with family happily eating moon cakes talking about the fun under the fine sky at night will be a wonderful dream of many people. The shape of the moon cake is round, like the full moon high up the sky. It's a time for family reunion. It’s a time for families to get together. So the Mid-Autumn festival is also regarded as the Reunion Day. Different areas of the moon cakes have different tastes and match tea, Traditional Cantonese moon cakes heavy sugar light oil, sweet taste. If you want to eat traditional Cantonese moon cakes, you should be taste darker and heavier tea, like "Tieguanyin", it is good at eliminating greasy. If you want to taste modified Cantonese moon cakes, it is light sweet taste, you had better match floral tea. It will make you feel great.

During the activities, many students don’t want to eat moon cakes twice, because they thought the moon cake is too sweet. Our teachers carefully prepared some tea for them. After trying, they thought it is great when tasting with tea. Unconsciously, box of moon cakes was finished. Maybe The Mid-Autumn Festival doesn’t mean a special day for foreigners, but for Chinese, it represents the reunion of traditional festivals. Some students began to talk about their perception of the Chinese family. These students, it seems understand China than before!