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Chinese corner -----Peking Opera



 This week, Chinese corner’s topic is Peking opera. Peking opera is the quintessence of China, if you want to learn Peking opera; you have to know some elements of it. “Lianpu” (literally meaning is facial makeup) is a kind of special makeup method with national characteristics. We use “Lianpu” to distinguish every historical figure or one kind of characters. Dress is also a bright spot in the Peking Opera. It is based on the clothing style of Ming Dynasty. Its stages costumes is divided into five categories——mǎngpèikàozhěyī. However, these five Chinese characters are too difficult to our students, teacher Yolando just introduced a little. according to the male and female, old and young, good and evil, we can distinguish the role of Peking Opera——Sheng, Dan, Jing, Chou. It is different from Western opera; students thought it’s very funny. When Teacher Yolanda play a small of Peking opera, they give the teacher warm applause, although they didn’t know what the play telling.Our students understood what Peking Opera is from now on.