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Learn the character “休”


 “休” is a Chinese character, and its pronunciation is “xiū”. Th-e structure of this character is very intresting, even we can

regard it as a story. The left part is single side, and it means a

person; the right part is wood, and it means a big tree. So we

can imagine that a person was too tired to move on, thus he orshe stoped and rested against a big tree.


  There are many kinds of meanings of the character “休”,and some basic meanings as follows :

1have a rest ;【2cease;【3don’t; 4Auspicious, goodness, good fortune; 5resign.

  As shown in below, There are some phrases in common use.

1休息 xiūxi  have a rest; take a rest; rest


Ex: She can rest only on weekends.

2休闲  xiūxián  free


Ex: Xiamen, is a good place for leisure.

3休假 xiūjià  have a holiday; take a vacation


Ex: She can have two weeks of vacation with pay per year.

4休会 xiūhuì  adjourn; stand adjourned


Ex: The meeting have to adjourn on account of the chairman's illness.

5休养 xiūyǎng  recuperate; convalesce


Ex: The docter said that he need a good rest for a period of time.

6休想 xiūxiǎng  don't imagine that it's possible


Ex: You had better tell the truth, don’t imagine you can cheat me!