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Dumpling Feast

The weather is becoming cool. When you walk in the silent streets under the full moon, wind blow into your body……Do you feel cold? Trick or treat? However, we had a different Halloween this year. Why? Because Halloween was surrounded by the warm dumplings this year. Because on this day, we were making dumplings. “Jiǎo zǐ”"(Dumplings), also called “shuǐ jiǎo(boiled dumplings)”, is a kind of semicircle or semilune pasta filling of chopped meat and vegetable. It is Chinese favorite food, popular in East Asia and north Asia. It is the most suitable time for the guys get together to eat dumplings. On November 1st 6PM, students from natural mandarin training center appeared in the Crystal City on time. Looking at the teachers prepared dumpling stuffing carefully, they thought we were going to do anything else. First, they should put a piece of the dumpling wrappers on hand, then use chopsticks pick up a little dumpling stuffing to put on it. And then, make some water on the edge of the wrappers so that a dumpling finished. Although it is the first attempt for students to make dumpling, they had done very well under the guidance of teacher. After two hours, dumplings could cooked. Eating a bowl of hot dumplings, we all said delicious. And during that time, our teachers explained the origin of dumplings. What tasty and enjoyable it is!