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The world cultural exchange and the second anniversary party

Ladies and gentlemen, Chinese fans from all over the world, Good afternoon. Welcome to Sino & the world cultural exchange and the second anniversary party held by Natural Mandarin Training Centre. 2 years, yes, it has been two years since Natural Mandarin Training Centre established. With the company, trust and support from all Chinese fans, we are convinced that NMTC will grow faster and stronger. To help all Chinese fans further understand Chinese and China traditional culture in a more vivid way, we here today dedicatedly hold this grand party for you. Meanwhile, we hope this will be also a good opportunity for Chinese friends to learn foreign cultures from you. All right, To begin, let’s warmly welcome teacher Vicky from NMTC to give an opening speech. Thank you very much for Vicky’s speech. Teacher has his speech. Our student representative must also has sth to share with us. Let’s welcome John. Thank you. John. All right, I guess, we all can’t wait to see shows now. Let’s get down to business then. After all, we come to this party for fun, don’t we. Ok, then let’s kick the part off with the quintessence of China Culture. That is, Peking Opera. Peking Opera originates from Qing dynasty. It evolves from the integration of a variety of operas through many eras and become what it is today. Let’s welcome our special guest, Juan. With your warmest claps. What a fantastic audio-visual enjoyment. Once again, thanks, Juan. Ren: Andy, did you watch the Korea TV series, my love from the star? Andy: Sure, it was so popular. You know, the leading role, professor Du becomes so famous in China because of his soap opera. So many girl, young ladies, are crazily attracted to him. Honestly, I am jealous of that Korean Ouba Ren: Since the Ouba is so charming, then let’s enjoy a romantic Saxophone performance conducted by Korea Ouba, Zhao Chengyong. Welome Wow, looks like you are all enchanted by this amazing Saxophone performance. Thank you, Zhao. Let’s now appreciate next coming magic show, called Manipulation, brought by professional Vandana from India. Welcome with your hearty rounds of applause. Oh, my, my, my! What a marvelous show. I don’t know how you guys feel, but I am definitely amazed by this fantastic hand skills. Thank you, Vandana, for the unbelievable show. You all here are China culture fans. You probably know that China is a multi-ethnic country with 55 minorities and Han nationality. Each Ethnic group has its own unique characters and costume is one of the representatives. Now, Teacher Maya will lead us to experience different costume cultures of the 56 nations by presenting PPT. Welcome Maya. Colorful clothing reflects different dressing culture of different ethnic groups. Thanks for Maya’s wonderful demonstration. The following show will be performed by John from NMTC. John will sing us an Autralia nursery rhyme in Chinese. That will be fun. Welcom John. after enjoying so many splendid performances, we prepare some quiz for our Chinese fans in the following session. Now let’s move into the game interaction round. Games always bring excitement. I can feel the happiness from your look. Good, that is exactly what we want to achieve. A lot more interesting shows are awaiting us ahead. The following one is a Cantonese song,”HU HUA SHI ZHE” sang by Michael. Let’s welcome Michael. Thank you, Michael, for bringing us a wonderful song. Let’s go on and enjoy more shows. China has very good reputation for its food culture, but mentioning food, our Greece friend, Constaninos, has a lot to talk about. Let’s now welcome Constaninos to share with us about Greek red wine and olive oil culture. Welcome Constaninos. Thank you Vandana for bringing us so much tempting Greek food, which really help us know a lot more about Geek food culture. Watching these food, I am not sure if I can still focus on the hosting or not. But we need some exercise after eating to prevent from getting fat. In China, Kong Fu is a well-known way to keep fit. And as we all know, China Kong Fu is very famous around the globe because of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chang, especially Bruce Lee. When talking about Kong Fu, it always reminds us those classic movie starred by Bruce Lee and his those classic movement and screaming. Speaking of China culture, we never miss Kong Fu. Today, NMTC also prepares a Kong Fu show for us. Let’s welcome performers with your warmest rounds of applause. Wow, that is really impressive. For me, Kong Fu is more a kind of art than sports. Probably that is why we also call it martial art. I am really proud that China has such a brilliant art. Thank you, guys. May I have your applause again? Thank you. The following two shows have sth to do with electric piano. Mr. Qu Lei will perform us a electric piano song and solo electric piano. Welcome! Thank you Mr. Qu for bringing us such a brilliant show. Thank you. Ren: Andy, in your friend groups, are any of them travel photography Enthusiasts? Andy: sure, but only may not be in a top level. Ren: I see. Personally, I am so bad at using camera. I can’t even simply take a good picture, not to mention how to use all kinds of shooting skills. Andy: Don’t worry. Today we have the honor to invite a professional photographer to share with us some practical tips. Let’s welcome our American friend, Kevin. Thank you, Kevin. Really useful skills, I think I have learnt a lot. Really happy moments, happy hours! Different countries’ cultures bring us one thing in common, that is happiness and passion. The dancing show coming next will keep on lighting up the atmosphere. Let’s welcome our guests from the art group to perform a Tibet dance”Za Xi De Le”with your warmest claps. Welcome. Thank you so much for our dancers’ brilliant performance. now take a short break. We will get back and move on to the most exciting session “lucky draw” Time flies, we have to say good bye soon. NMTC has held a wonderful party for us today. We all have had great moments in the past two hours. At the end of the party, We hope with the support from you guys, NMTC will embrace a brighter future. Meanwhile, we wish you all the best. Let’s call it today. Thank you for coming. See u next year.