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Mysterious Chinese character---a teacher salon

JAN 1st , 2015, Natural Mandarin Training Center held a teacher salon heading “How to be a qualified foreign language instructor quickly? How to improve Chinese teaching skills? ” in our teaching place. We were lucky to invite TCSL experts teacher Ling to give lectures for us. And how to teach “the non-Chinese character circle” students study Chinese characters well is the lecture content mainly point. India's former prime minister Nehru had praised our Chinese characters —— There is a great country in the world, her every word, is a beautiful poem, a beautiful painting.This country is China. For “the non-Chinese character circle” students, these words are right. The reason why those students often meet difficulties with stroking order in the process of teaching Chinese characters is they think Chinese characters are picture, no words. We need to change this idea. We can teaching Chinese characters in many ways, teacher Ling told us eight of it —— imagination ; glyph; association; harmonic; comparison; combination; absurdity and radical classification. Each method has its own benefits. And each student has its own method to learning Chinese characters. According to students learning peculiarity, our teachers should learn to use thees ways to teach students.