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Bamboo party in Guangzhou

Summer in shenzhen is very hot, do you wanna find a place not only to prevent escape heat but also get close to natural with friends. Last weekeed ,we went to the Guangzhou bamboo park. It was a beautiful natural sencery to enjoy life especially after finish heavy work. Walking to the nature, you can breath fresh air,do some exercise...... with our foot ,let’s look back on some intersting activity.
On the first day morning, using Chinese traditonal machine to grinding soybean milk to make our breakfast, it is really delious. After breakfast, we find the soft place, Dressing Hanfu, to have a cup tea, looking out of window bamboo forest listen to birds singing or chat with friends. That’s made our relax and to forget troubles . In the afternoon, with sun down, we are riding the bike to catch the sun. Sunlight reflected in the our face, smiling to enjoy this activity .
We have huge barbecue party, there are many delious food. That’s really cool. After exciting activity, we are sleeping in the bamboo carbin, saw the star through the window.  
On the second day , we are along the pool and slow down our foot, closing eyes to smelling the wind send to louts flower, watching swimming fish.......
Althought the two-day party was to end ,but there are many memory in our mind, we can look back on this interesting trip.